iOS and Android Solutions

Mobile Applications Development

Apps have become something we interact with every single day. No matter if you want to check your bank account balance or order a pizza - there's an app for that. We can implement your project both for iOS and Android.

Mobile Apps Development
iOS Apps Development

Swift is our language of choice when it comes to developing beautiful native apps for iOS and iPadOS. If you need to put your app on a bigger screen (tvOS) or a tiny one (watchOS) - we can make it happen as well.

Android Apps Development

We work in Java and Kotlin to create solutions for Google's Android. A mobile operating system with almost 90 percent of the market share. That's an impressive number.

Xamarin, React Native and Flutter Development

Maintaining two native codebases requires a lot of resources. Fortunately there are solutions on the market that allow your idea to be implemented only once and then compiled to a native application. Xamarin and React Native are the most frequently used ones right now and Google's Flutter is rising in popularity every single day. We always stay in touch with latest solutions.

We will put your app to public!

We will put your app to public!
If we are working on a publicly available app, we will take care of submitting it to Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store. However, if your product is intended for a specific and closed user base, we will work out a best way to distribute your application.

How the process works

End to end software development

Building a base
Building a base

Your new app has to meet your exact needs and it needs to built it on strong foundations. The entire creation process starts here.

Bespoke product development
Bespoke product development

Once the foundations have been established our design and coding teams begin to work hand in hand to deliver the best product possible.

Bringing the product to life
Bringing the product to life

Once your app is ready we unleash it to your users. Sealed Code can also provide long-term maintenance and even continuous upgrades and improvements.

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