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Web Applications Development

Sealed Code will create your web-application, web-service or emphasize your online presence with your own business card.

Web App Development
Websites Design & Development

Our graphic team will design your website and our developers will bring it to life. We have worked on small business cards as well as corporate websites with hundreds of pages. Dynamic websites can be built using our in-house content management system (CMS).

Web Apps Development

Single Page Application (SPA) development using modern tools. VueJS, ReactJS, Angular. Do you need a more classic approach and your project requires Server Side Rendering (SSR)? No problem, we've got you covered.

APIs and Backend Development

Designing an entire system architecture requires both knowledge and years of experience. We will help you pick the right technology stack, implement your idea and deploy it to any server or a cloud-based platform. With scalability and performance always in mind. We work with .NET Core, PHP7, node.js

We will put your webapp online!

Custom cloud and On-premise deployment

Custom cloud and On-premise deployment

Once your product is ready, we will make sure it gets up and running in no time. We can work with shared and virtual private servers, on-premise or cloud based solutions such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

How the process works

End to end software development

Building a base
Building a base

Your new app has to meet your exact needs and it needs to built it on strong foundations. The entire creation process starts here.

Bespoke product development
Bespoke product development

Once the foundations have been established our design and coding teams begin to work hand in hand to deliver the best product possible.

Bringing the product to life
Bringing the product to life

Once your app is ready we unleash it to your users. Sealed Code can also provide long-term maintenance and even continuous upgrades and improvements.

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